Selvarajah Selvakumar

“I was so pleased with the service that I received. Selva’s initial advice was really helpful and his replies to emails and phone calls was exceptionally prompt. He was great at answering all by questions, nothing seemed too much trouble, and he was always friendly. To be honest I can’t thank him enough and I will be using it him again in the near future.”


Gunaratnam Kumaran

“As a financial advisor I found your mannerism very professional and efficient. Every policy was explained to me thoroughly, you knew your products very well. You seeked assistance when there were issues you were not clear about in front of me, which showed you were not embarrassed to seek help.

You accommodating the meetings to my schedule regardless late evening, and any forms that needed to be signed again you bought them to the house regardless of time. Not many financial advisor would be so obliging.”